Video yes! Footage no!

These same considerations for a wedding video.

How many of you will ever happened to spent endless half-hour to friend's house to look long footage in which the ceremony was proposed almost in full? Whole works spice with musics already outdated? This is exactly what i a want avoid.

The product that we offer is fresh, young, elegant and studied ad hoc for the married couple: Generally our videos do not overtake the 12/15 minutes, they are full of emotion and they tell a story with flash back. We also offer the additional solution of the video in 3/4 minutes that you can also show to your friends from your phone, tablet or social network. In both cases, 13 or 3 minutes, you will be surprised in to see how lack nothing, from the preparations at the end of the party and you will be pleasantly surprised from as trough the accurate choice of music and images, the memory of the day will appear you full of emotion and always "up-to-date.

The principal purpose is in effect that one to bring in video the taste of the whole day and to regain strenght the sensations of the moment: from initial anxiety to the emotion of I do to up to the fun of the party passing through the trow of the bouquet, the cut of the cake and for unexpected episodes that can happen and worthwhile to remember as for istance the bride that slips from the staircases ,the horse that doesn't starts, the groom that trown in the air in an "hip hip" a bit risky he does not recouped and he ruinously falls to the ground, the bridesmaid that forgets the wedding rings, the couple's car that stops because someone does not gas up it etc..also these moments are "unforgettable".