The great day begins with the backstage and ends late at night...

For me it is very important to creat a parallelism, in the wedding day,  between the preparation of the bridegroom and of the bride. In this regard the undersigned will follow the steps of dressing, make-up and hairstayl of the bride while an assistant will do the same with the groom and then meet at the entrace of the church or the municypal building and he continues the work during the ceremony where a photographer will follow the rite and the other (or the others) will devote themselves to try to steal some shots of excited relatives and other "goodies" in a wedding as i understand it can not miss.

Obviously after the ceremony, if the bride and bridgeroom want, we can take artistic photos, but always according to waht was said, i.e. the search of spontaneity that, after many meetings, will not come to miss.

We will take photos, with relatives and witnesses, during the day or during the “natural” moments revealed to my camera, or through particulars snapshots, certainly out of ordinary, that usually I agree with the guests and the new married couple at the moment. The report will go on to the end of the day try to immortalize the last moments, often the most amusing.