…what about photos with relatives and guests?

Generally, in modern weddings people prefer to avoid posing in photos with relatives and we share the same view being more inclined to take stolen snapshots of the guests during the reception.

However, what often occurs is that, in the following months, relatives want to get a photo of the day, which is not always easy to find unless “classic” photos are taken. For this reason, it is important to discuss this aspect in order to avoid giving a bad impression but at the same time without falling back into the monotony of plastic poses.

We have various solutions to solve this matter, for instance we may take pictures at the tables during the reception, perhaps while the bride and groom wander among the guests or we can create more original poses for the photos.

If the bride and groom prefer the classic version, then we need to decide the time when such pictures will be taken in order to avoid getting to the end of the evening with second thoughts or requests from relatives before they leave.

Clearly, if the bride and groom are not at all interested in this kind of pictures, we are happy to make an actual wedding reportage but not without first warning them of the tragicomic scenarios that they might face at the end of the party. It is quite common indeed, in afternoon weddings, to end up at two in the morning taking pictures of relatives who are worn out from the day (but still want to look good in the photos) and with cheerful but tired voice come up with the all-important question: “Shall we have a souvenir photo taken?” …and from there people start queuing endlessly because they feel obliged to take their turn in posing for pictures and end up making out a magic day an actual photographic torment for the poor newly-wed.