Do you take pose pictures?

Generally, we prefer avoiding this because we like to offer a wedding reportage where the couple is photographed in real, spontaneous moments.

For this reason, as written, we meet the couple before the wedding and get to know each other trying to figure out how embarrassed might they be in front of photographers and how able could they be in pretending that no one is watching.

These meetings are designed to "relax" the couple in front of us, to make them feel our complicity and help us work better. Every wedding is different and we have to change our methods according to different requirements. We might say that these meetings turn out to be really important, more for us than for the newlyweds. Often after a few jokes and a few shots we see how the atmosphere changes, there is less embarrassment, more fun and on the wedding day everything gets easier and the pictures are spontaneous and full of emotion.

Obviously, if requested we are ready to perform even pose photos, but always with a certain originality