Why choose you?

If you would like a wedding that is perfectly tended to in every detail from before the big day to the very last minutes of your reception, we are certainly the answer!

Our service includes a pre-wedding photo session, to better acquaint ourselves with you, allowing us to take really natural pictures of you, while also helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera and videocamera on the big day.

Before the wedding, we also visit the ceremony and reception venues, to better organize lights and microphones. In fact, by your wedding date, we will have taken care of any flash/spotlights/microphones issues so well, we will not be caught off guard by any unforeseen circumstance!

On the day of the wedding our service starts with preparation; one photographer will meet the bride, another one the groom, capturing every moment. A ligths/microphone tech will take care of logistics (lights, computers, outlets, forms, etc.) and –should you opt for video service- one of our professionals will meet both bride and groom to record their preparation.

Soon after, while the bride reaches the church, the garden or the city hall, a photographer will follow her step by step and the other on, in the meantime, will follow the groom and the guests

The same happens during the wedding reception, where our team always shines, also thanks to technology; we stay in touch with one another from the first few minutes of the day to late in the evening through professional earpieces, allowing us to operate in perfect sync!

As far as the video is concerned, it has nothing to do with traditional videos- which are often long and boring: we offer a new, modern product, which is met with high appreciation, and we invite you to learn more about it in the special section devoted to it.

Of course, as you might have guessed, we don’t leave after the cutting of the cake, but stay on to the very last minute- seizing moments which often afford us unforgettable shots. We offer all this at a competitive price, bringing you the utmost professionalism- it’s no accident we work all over Europe.